Rocking Horse Silicone Mould

Using a Rocking Horse Silcone Mould

Rocking horse silicone mould by Katy Sue Deigns

So, this week I’ve tested out my new Katy Sue rocking horse mould. They were going on a first birthday cake for a little girl so they needed to look pretty in a pink & white theme.

Attempt 1

I haven’t used a mould before so the first attempt was a bit of a challenge anyway. When I finally got all the modelling paste in, well, it wouldn’t come out of the mould! Lesson learned! More cornflour for the next try!

Attempt 2

The rocking horse could just be done in one colour but I wanted some definition for the horse’s bridle, mane & tail.I rolled white modelling paste very thin & lined the bridle section first. Then I did a thin layer of white for the mane & tried to keep it just within the guidelines (harder than it sounds!). Again, I did the same for the tail area. Having made the mistake on my second attempt of not putting a backing colour onto the whole mould, when the fondant came out the tail & head fell off!
Not the best look!

Attempt 3

Thankfully much better. Forgot to colour the ear pink though but felt I  was slowly making progress. Maybe needed a more simpler mould for a first timer but I had allowed myself time to play & get it right.
I love the final outcome of the rocking horse & in the end they took less than 10 minutes to do, if you stick to one colour then it would be much quicker. The moulds aren’t cheap to buy, you can get cheaper options but for this one I loved the detail in the mould which you don’t often get with cheaper varieties.
I would definitely look at other Katy Sue moulds as the design & quality are very good. X

Pink and white sugar rocking horse

Pink and white sugar rocking horse

By Zoe from Zoe’s Cake Studio – Cake Maker and Decorator. Southwater, near Horsham, West Sussex.

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